Article 12C Magistrate Retirement

10-12C-1.  Short title.

10-12C-2.  Definitions.

10-12C-3.  Magistrate retirement fund established; administration of fund; accounting funds.

10-12C-4.  Membership.

10-12C-5.  Service credit; reinstatement of forfeited service; prior service; military service.

10-12C-6.  Refund of contributions.

10-12C-7.  Funds not subject to legal process; division of funds as community property; legal process to satisfy child support obligations.

10-12C-8.  Age and service credit requirements for normal retirement.

10-12C-9.  Amount of pension.

10-12C-10.  Member contributions; tax treatment.

10-12C-11.  Employer contributions.

10-12C-12.  Disability retirement pension.

10-12C-13.  Survivor’s pension.

10-12C-13.1.  Election form of pension. 

10-12C-13.2.  Form of pension payment. 

10-12C-13.3.  Death before retirement; survivor pension. 

10-12C-14.  Cost-of-living adjustment.

10-12C-14.1.  Qualified pension recipient; cost-of-living adjustment wait period; declining increase. 

10-12C-15.  Group insurance; continuation.

10-12C-16.  Suspension or forfeiture of benefits.

10-12C-17.  Adjustment of pension.

10-12C-18.  Correction of errors and omissions; estoppel.