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Official communication between the Board and employees will occur as follows:


     An employee will first communicate on school- or employment-related matters at the administrative level.  Any employee who exhausts the opportunity of discussing a matter at the various administrative levels may then communicate in writing with the Board on the matter.  No anonymous communication will be considered by the Board.


     Official communications, policies, directives, Board concerns, and Board action(s), as appropriate, will be communicated to employees by the Superintendent.

The Board requires all employees to follow the proper channels of authority in reporting or attempting to resolve problems.  It is considered to be insubordination whenever an employee knowingly circumvents the proper "chain of command".

Whenever an employee has a complaint, knowledge of wrongdoing in the workplace, a problem which requires administrative attention or information pertaining to their job assignment or location, they must follow the chain of command in reporting to their supervisor.

No supervisor is to retaliate against any employee who follows this policy and is acting in "good faith".

Adopted:     date of manual adoption
LEGAL REF.:     22-5-4 NMSA
CROSS REF.:     BEDH - Public Participation at Board Meetings