File:  JFAA

Admission of Resident Students

A resident shall be defined as any student who can present acceptable proof of residency as outlined by Board procedures at the time they register for school.

Students who reside with a legal custodian or those students that adopt a dwelling place within the District that is not their parents' residence also may be admitted as resident students in accordance with procedures outlined by the Board.

Revocation of custodial guardianship may result from unacceptable achievement, behavior or attendance.  In such instances, the student shall not be allowed to attend school in the District.  Such custodial guardianship shall be distinguished from legal guardianship awarded by the legal system.

Adopted November 1990

Revised August 22, 1995

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Note:  C.R.S. 22-1-102 (2) defines who may be considered a "resident."