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NOTE:  Boards are required by law to adopt a policy that requires notification to the parents of eighth grade students of the district's available courses that satisfy the higher education admission guidelines of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education and a policy requiring each school to assist students and their parents to develop and maintain individual career and academic plans no later than the beginning of ninth grade. This policy reflects these legal requirements.

This policy is intended to replace former policy IHA, Basic Instructional Program.

Preparation for Postsecondary and Workforce Success

The Board believes that to decrease student dropout rates, increase graduation rates and encourage all students to reach their learning potential, it is important to support students in planning for postsecondary and workforce opportunities throughout their education. To promote students' postsecondary and workforce success and in accordance with state law, the district shall provide the following opportunities and information.

Sixth grade:  Each student who enrolls in the sixth grade, on the day of enrollment, will be encouraged to register with the state-provided, free online college planning and preparation resource, commonly referred to as "CollegeInColorado."

Eighth grade:  The Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) will provide information to the parents/guardians of eighth grade students about the admission requirements for institutions of higher education in Colorado. In addition, the district will make information available to these same parents/guardians about the courses the district offers that meet the CCHE admission requirements. This information will be made available to parents/guardians prior to the student's enrollment in his or her ninth grade courses.

[NOTE: State law requires the district to assist students with the development of individual career and academic plans (ICAPs) no later than the beginning of ninth grade. The district may choose, however, to require development of ICAPs in any grade prior to ninth grade. C.R.S. 22-32-109(1)(oo)(I).]

Beginning in _______grade: District personnel shall assist students to develop and maintain individual career and academic plans (ICAP) in accordance with the requirements of state law. Each student's ICAP will be designed to assist the student and the student's parent/guardian with the following:

  exploring the postsecondary career and educational opportunities available to the student;

  aligning coursework and curriculum;

  setting performance expectations;

  meeting academic and career goals;

  applying to postsecondary education institutions;

  enabling the student to demonstrate postsecondary and workforce readiness prior to or upon high school graduation;

  securing financial aid; and

  ultimately entering the workforce.

The district's plan for the development and implementation of student ICAPs shall be in accordance with this policy's accompanying regulation.

(Adoption date)

LEGAL REFS.:  C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1)(ff) (notice of courses that satisfy higher education admission guidelines)

C.R.S. 22-32-109 (1)(oo) (board duty to adopt policy requiring individual career and academic planning for students no later than the beginning of ninth grade)

C.R.S. 22-32-109.5 (4) (district may administer "basic skills" placement or assessment tests to determine postsecondary and workforce readiness; if such test is administered, score shall be included on student's ICAP)

1 CCR 301-81 (rules governing standards for individual career and academic plans)

CROSS REFS.:  IHCDA, Concurrent Enrollment

IKF, Graduation Requirements

[Revised and recoded April 2014]