File:  AE-R (Option 2) - Accountability/Commitment to Accomplishment

NOTE:  While Colorado school districts are not required by law to adopt a regulation on this subject, some content in this sample reflects legal requirements school districts must follow. This sample contains the content/language that CASB believes best meets the intent of the law. However, the district should consult with its own legal counsel to determine appropriate language that meets local circumstances and needs.

NOTE:  This sample regulation is for "small rural" districts that enroll less than 1,000 students and choose to have the district accountability committee also serve as the school accountability committee. C.R.S. 22-11-401 (4)(c).

(District Accountability/School Accountability Committee)

The district accountability committee shall also serve as the school accountability committee and shall consist of at least:

·  three parents of students enrolled in district schools

·  one teacher employed by the district

·  one school administrator employed by the district

·  one person who is involved in business or industry in the community within the district´s boundaries

A person may not serve in more than one of the required membership roles on the committee. A person who is employed by the district or related to a district employee shall not be eligible to serve as a parent on the committee. "Related" means the person's spouse, son, daughter, sister, brother, mother or father. If, however, the district makes a good faith effort and is unable to identify a sufficient number of parents that meet these criteria, a person may serve as a parent on the committee and also be employed by the district or related to a district employee.

NOTE 1:  Members of the committee may be appointed or elected as set forth in state law.  If the members are appointed, the regulation should indicate by whom. If the members are elected, information about the election process should be specified. This sample regulation has the Board appointing members of the committee.

Members of the committee shall be appointed by the Board. In making these appointments, it shall ensure, to the extent practicable, that:

•  the parents appointed reflect the student populations significantly represented within the district;

•  at least one of the parents is a parent of a student enrolled in a district charter school authorized by the Board, if one exists; and

•  at least one of the persons appointed has a demonstrated knowledge of charter schools.

If the Board chooses to increase the number of persons on the committee, it shall ensure that the number of parents appointed exceeds the number of representatives from the group with the next highest representation.

Members of the committee will serve terms of _____ year(s). The committee shall select a parent representative to serve as chair or co-chair, who shall serve terms of _____ year(s). The committee shall also establish a schedule of meetings and adopt general rules for its operation.

(Approval date)

NOTE 2:  State law and State Board rules delineate specific categories of students to consider when selecting persons for accountability committees who reflect the "student populations significantly represented" in the school or district. These student populations may include, but not be limited to, students who are members of non-Caucasian races, those who are eligible for free or reduced-cost lunch, those with limited English proficiency, migrant children, students identified as having a disability and gifted children.

NOTE 3:  In "small rural" districts where the student population is less than 1,000, a Board member may serve on the SAC and the responsibilities for school district and school-level accountability may be assumed by the district accountability committee. C.R.S. 22-11-401 (4)(c).

NOTE 4:  Colorado´s open meetings law permits "local public bodies" to elect its leadership by secret ballot. C.R.S. 24-6-402 (2)(d)(IV). Therefore, the district accountability committee may elect its chair and co-chair by secret ballot. Id. If the election of the chair and co-chair are by secret ballot, the outcome of the vote shall be recorded contemporaneously in the minutes. Id.