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There are differences in the economic status of families represented by the students in the District, and the Board wishes to avoid any embarrassment to students or hardship on families that lack financial resources.  The Board does not wish to burden the community with numerous, repeated solicitations by the students.

The following guidelines are in effect.

1.  Teachers discourage gifts from students.  Notes of appreciation are appropriate.

2.  Charity or general solicitations from students are permitted only after written approval has been given by the Superintendent.  The Superintendent annually approves all solicitations that are permitted in the schools.

3.  There is no solicitation of money from local industry, businesses, District residents, parents or by any school organization without the approval of the Superintendent.  All solicitations and fundraising activities by student groups must be in compliance with the District’s policy on student fundraising activities.

4.  When the graduating class wishes to present a gift to the school, it is encouraged to donate the balance of the class fund to a school service project, the school scholarship fund or to present a gift that has long-lasting benefit to all students in the District.

5.  Permission is never given for the school to sponsor non-school fundraisers or to provide for student involvement in such activities.

[Adoption date:  October 18, 2017]

LEGAL REF.:  ORC 3313.20

CROSS REFS.:  GBI, Staff Gifts and Solicitations

IGDF, Student Fundraising Activities

KI, Public Solicitations in the Schools

KJ, Advertising in the Schools