File:  JHCB


In order to minimize the spread of preventable illnesses in schools and provide students with a healthier learning environment, the Board requires immunizations in compliance with State law and the Ohio Department of Health for each student unless the parent(s) file an objection.  The Board may also require tuberculosis examinations in compliance with law.

Students eligible for kindergarten and students new to the District must present written evidence of similar immunizations, or written evidence to indicate that they are in the process of receiving immunizations, to be completed no later than the day of entrance.  The District will immediately enroll homeless students and foster students and assist in obtaining necessary immunization records.  Students failing to complete immunizations within 14 days after entering are not permitted to return to school.

The District maintains an immunization record for each student, available in writing to parents upon request.

[Adoption date:  October 18, 2017]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC 3313.67; 3313.671; 3313.71; 3313.711


CROSS REFS.:  JEC, School Admission

JECAA, Admission of Homeless Students

JHCA, Physical Examinations of Students

JHCC, Communicable Diseases