File:  JFCC-R (Also EEACC-R)


The following regulations pertain to student conduct on District managed transportation and are intended to ensure the safety and welfare of the students, the driver and other drivers on the road and to ensure safety and proper maintenance of school vehicles.

Students will:

1.  be careful in approaching bus stops, walk on the left facing oncoming traffic, be sure that the road is clear both ways before crossing the highway and wait in a location clear of traffic;

2.  arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive in order to permit the bus to follow the time schedule;

3.  not exhibit behavior at the bus stop that threatens life, limb or property of any individual;

4.  sit in assigned seats (drivers have the right to assign a student to a seat and to expect reasonable conduct similar to conduct expected in a classroom);

5.  reach assigned seat without disturbing or crowding other students and remain seated while the vehicle is moving;

6.  obey the driver promptly and respectfully and recognize that he/she has an important responsibility and that it is everyone's duty to help ensure safety;

7.  keep the vehicle clean and sanitary, refrain from chewing gum or consuming candy, food or drinks on the vehicle at any time (accept as required for medical reasons);

8.  refrain from using profane language and from loud talking or laughing (unnecessary confusion diverts the driver's attention and might result in a serious accident);

9.  remain seated keeping aisles and exits clear, keep head, arms and hands inside the vehicle at all times and not throw or pass objects on, from or into the vehicle;

10.  be courteous to fellow students and to the driver;

11.  treat equipment as one would treat valuable furniture in his/her home (damage to the school vehicle is strictly forbidden);

12.  not use tobacco on the vehicle or possess alcohol or drugs on the vehicle except as prescription medications may be required for a student and

13.  carry on the vehicle only items that can be held in their laps.

Students must remain seated until the vehicle stops, then promptly unload and wait in their designated place of safety until the vehicle leaves.  Students who must cross the street to reach the residence side of the street must wait for the signal from the driver and cross in front of the vehicle after also checking for traffic themselves.

Failure of a student to follow these regulations may result in his/her forfeiting the right of transportation on District managed transportation.


The Board authorizes the Superintendent or other administrators to suspend a student from transportation privileges only for a period of up to one school year.  The only due process required is notice to the student of an intended bus riding suspension and an opportunity to appear before the administrator considering the suspension before it happens.  The administrator's decision is final.

When discipline problems with individual students arise, use the following guidelines.

1.  If possible, the driver should resolve the problem.

2.  When the driver is unable to resolve the problem, he/she should report it to the transportation supervisor.  The transportation supervisor and driver, if necessary, confer with the principal.  Any discipline is imposed by the principal of the school.

3.  Problems that cannot be resolved by measures specified above are referred to the Superintendent.

(Approval date:  July 8, 2016)