File:  JFCC (Also EEACC)


The Board furnishes transportation in compliance with State law.  This fact does not relieve parents of students from the responsibility of supervision until such time as the student boards the vehicle and after the student leaves the vehicle at the end of the school day.

Students on District managed transportation are under the authority of, and directly responsible to, the driver.  The driver has the authority to enforce the established regulations for rider conduct.  Disorderly conduct or refusal to submit to the authority of the driver is sufficient reason for refusing transportation services or suspending transportation services to any student once proper procedures are followed.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent or other administrators to suspend a student from District managed transportation privileges for a period not to exceed one school year.  The only due process required is the student must receive notice of an intended suspension from District managed transportation and an opportunity to appear before the Superintendent or other administrator before the suspension is imposed. 

The Board's policy regarding suspension from District managed transportation privileges must be posted in a central location in each school building and made available to students upon request.

Regulations regarding conduct on District managed transportation, as well as general information about the school transportation program, are available to all parents and students.

[Adoption date:  March 21, 2011]

[Re-adoption date:  July 8, 2016]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC 3327.01; 3327.014

OAC 3301-83-08

CROSS REFS.:  JFC, Student Conduct (Zero Tolerance)

JG, Student Discipline

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