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The District provides free education to District residents between the ages of five through 21 who do not possess a diploma.  Students who do not legally qualify as residents may be required to pay tuition as established by law and Board policy.

A student is considered a resident of the District if he/she resides with a parent, a grandparent with either power of attorney or caretaker authorization affidavit or a person or government agency with legal custody whose place of residence is within the boundaries of the District.  Parents, and grandparents with either power of attorney or caretaker authorization affidavit, may be required to present legal proofs of residence.

New entrants at all grade levels are required to present at the time of enrollment a birth certificate or other document as evidence of birth, a certified copy of any child custody order or decree, proof of having received or being in the process of receiving required immunizations and copies of those records pertaining to him/her, which are maintained by the school most recently attended.  A protected child, as defined by State law, may not be denied admission to the school solely because the child does not present a birth certificate or comparable document upon registration.  A protected child or parent, guardian or custodian of the child must present this documentation within 90 days after the child’s initial entry into the school.  The District immediately enrolls homeless students and foster students and assists in obtaining the necessary enrollment documents.

In addition, students released from the Department of Youth Services (DYS), just prior to requesting admission to the District, may not be admitted until the Superintendent has received all required documents provided by DYS.  Forwarded documents are:

1.  an updated copy of the student’s transcript;

2.  a report of the student’s behavior in school while in DYS custody;

3.  the student’s current Individualized Education Program, if developed, and

4.  a summary of the institutional record of the student’s behavior.

DYS has 14 days to send the documents to the Superintendent.

[Adoption date:  October 18, 2017]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC 2151.33;


3109.52 through 3109.61; 3109.65 through 3109.76;

3109.78; 3109.79; 3109.80

3313.48; 3313.64; 3313.67; 3313.671; 3313.672



OAC 3301-35-04(F)

CROSS REFS.:  AFI, Evaluation of Educational Resources

IGBA, Programs for Students with Disabilities

JECAA, Admission of Homeless Students

JECB, Admission of Nonresident Students

JEE, Student Attendance Accounting (Missing and Absent Children)

JHCA, Physical Examinations of Students

JHCB, Immunizations

JO, Student Records