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Children between the ages of six and 18 are of compulsory school age.  Every person of compulsory school age must attend a school, which conforms to the standards prescribed by the State Board of Education (SBOE) until one of the following occurs.

1.  The person receives a diploma or certificate of high school equivalence granted by the Board or other governing authority indicating such student has successfully completed all state and local requirements.

2.  The person receives an age and schooling certificate (work permit) and is enrolled in an educational program meeting the requirements of State law.

3.  The person is excused from school under standards adopted by the SBOE pursuant to State law.

The parent(s) of any person who is of compulsory school age must send such person to school unless he/she is exempt as listed above.

[Adoption date:  October 18, 2017]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC 3301.80; 3301.81


3321.01 et. seq.


OAC 3301-35-04


CROSS REFS.:  IGBG, Homebound Instruction

JEB, Entrance Age (Mandatory Kindergarten)

JEG, Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance

JFE, Pregnant Students