File:  JHCD-R-1


(General Regulation)

Students needing medication are encouraged to receive the medication at home, if possible.

Only employees of the Board who are licensed health professionals, or who are appointed by the Board and have completed a drug administration training program meeting State law requirements, conducted by a licensed health professional and considered appropriate by the Board, can administer prescription drugs to students.

1.  The person or persons designated to administer medication receives a written request, signed by the parent(s) having care or charge of the student, that the drug be administered to the student.

2.  Each person designated to administer medication receives a statement, signed by the physician or other person licensed to prescribe medication, which includes all of the following information:

A.  the name and address of the student;

B.  the school and class in which the student is enrolled;

C.  the name of the drug and the dosage to be administered;

D.  the times or intervals at which each dosage of the drug is to be administered;

E.  the date on which the administration of the drug is to begin;

F.  the date on which the administration of the drug is to cease;

G.  any severe adverse reactions which should be reported to the physician and one or more telephone numbers at which the person who prescribed the medication can be reached in case of an emergency and

H.  special instructions for administration of the drug, including sterile conditions and storage.

3.  The parent(s) agree to submit a revised statement signed by the physician who prescribed the drug to the person designated to administer medication if any of the information provided by the person licensed to prescribe medication as described above changes.

4.  The person authorized to administer the drug receives a copy of the statement described above.

5.  The drug is received by the person authorized to administer the drug to the student for whom the drug is prescribed in the container in which it was dispensed by the prescribing physician or other licensed professional.

6.  The person designated by the Board establishes a location in each school building for the storage of drugs to be administered.  Unless otherwise authorized by State law, all such drugs shall be stored in that location in a locked storage place.  Drugs that require refrigeration may be kept in a refrigerator in a place not commonly used by students.

No person who has been authorized by the Board to administer a drug and has a copy of the most recent statement which was given to him/her prior to administering the drug is liable for administering or failing to administer the drug, unless such person acts in a manner which constitutes “gross negligence or wanton or reckless misconduct.”

A person employed by the Board is not required to administer a prescribed drug to a student unless a Board regulation establishes a requirement; furthermore, the Board shall not require an employee to administer a drug to a student if the employee objects, on the basis of religious convictions, to administering the drug.

Board policy and regulations regarding dispensation of medication must be formally adopted by the Board and may be changed, modified or revised only by action of the Board.

(Approval date:  September 21, 2015)