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The District has responsibility for the control and management of students during the school day and hours of approved extracurricular activities.  While discharging its responsibility, the administration is to make an effort to protect each student's rights with respect to interrogations by law enforcement officials.  The administration has developed regulations to be followed in the case of searches and interrogations.

The right to inspect students' school lockers or articles carried upon their persons and to interrogate an individual student is inherent in the authority granted school boards.  All searches are conducted sparingly and only when such search is reasonably likely to produce tangible results to preserve discipline and good order and the safety and security of persons and their property.  The Board permits building administrators/designees to search any unattended bag for safety and identification purposes.

Student lockers are the property of the District, and since random searches have a positive impact on reducing drugs and other criminal activity, the Board permits building administrators/designees to search any locker and its contents as the administrator/designee believes necessary.  Such notice will be posted at or near the entrance to the school grounds and at the main entrance to each school building.

The Board directs the Superintendent to authorize the use of dogs trained in detecting the presence of drugs and explosive devices.  The dogs may be used to patrol the school facilities and grounds, including the lockers and parking areas.  Use of dogs may be unannounced and random.  If a trained canine alerts to a particular vehicle, locker or other container, it shall create reasonable suspicion to search that vehicle, locker or container in accordance with this policy.

[Adoption date:  May 16, 2005]

[Re-adoption date:  September 21, 2009]

[Re-adoption date:  September 21, 2015]

[Re-adoption date:  August 21, 2017]

[Re-adoption date:  September 18, 2017]

LEGAL REFS.:  U.S. Const. Amend. IV

ORC 3313.20

CROSS REFS.:  JF, Student Rights and Responsibilities

JHG, Reporting Child Abuse