File:  JEE-R


(Missing and Absent Children)

It is the interest of this Board to cooperate with local, state and national efforts to decrease the number of missing children.

The Superintendent is instructed to promulgate administrative guidelines to accomplish the following.

1.  A student at the time of his/her enrollment to school is admitted only after verification by the participating associate school district that a copy of his/her certificate of birth and copies of those records pertaining to him/her maintained by the school that he/she most recently attended have been requested or are on file in the participating district.  The certification of birth may be a copy of the birth certificate or certification issued pursuant to statutes of another state, territory, possession or nation or a comparable certificate.

If the student does not present copies of the required documents to the associate district, if the school the student claims to have attended shows no record of the student’s attendance or if the records are not received within 14 days of the date of a request, the director/designee in cooperation with the associate school administration notifies the police department having jurisdiction in the area where the student resides of this fact and of the possibility that the student may be a missing child.

2.  Parent(s) must notify the school on the day a student is absent that the student will be absent unless notification has been provided in advance in accordance with District procedure for excused absences.  Unless notification has been given, the director/designee is required to notify this student’s parents or other person responsible for him/her when the student is absent from school.

3.  Develop information programs for students, parents and community members relative to missing children issues and matters.

(Approval date:  September 21, 2015)