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The Title I program is based on an annual assessment of educational needs.  This assessment includes identification of educationally deprived children in the public and private schools in this District.  Title I services are provided to all eligible, educationally deprived students.

The Board believes parent and family involvement is a vital part of the Title I program.  The Superintendent/designee jointly develops with and distributes to parents of children participating in Title I programs within the District a written parent and family involvement policy and guidelines.  The written parent and family involvement policy includes a School-Parent Compact jointly developed by the school and the parents.  The requirements of the policy, compact and guidelines are consistent with Federal and State law.

Parent and family involvement includes, but is not limited to, parent and family contribution to the design and implementation of programs under this title, development of support and improvement plans, participation by parents and family members in school activities and programs, and training and materials that build parents' and family members' capacity to improve their children's learning in both the home and the school.  To build a partnership between home and school, the District:

1.  informs the parents and family members of the program, the reasons for their children's participation and the specific instructional objectives;

2.  trains parents and family members to work with their children to attain instructional objectives;

3.  trains teachers and other staff involved in programs under this title to work effectively with the parents and family members of participating students;

4.  develops partnerships by consulting with parents and family members regularly;

5.  provides opportunities for parents and family members to be involved in the design, operation and evaluation of the program and

6.  provides opportunities for the full participation of parents and family members who lack literacy skills or whose native language is not English.

Title I funds are used only to augment, not to replace, state and local funds.  The Board uses these funds to provide equivalent or comparable educational services in all schools receiving Title I assistance.

[Adoption date:  June 18, 2015]

[Re-adoption date:  October 19, 2017]

LEGAL REFS.:  The Elementary and Secondary Education Act; 20 USC 1221 et seq.

OAC 3301-35-04; 3301-35-05; 3301-35-06; 3301-35-07

CROSS REFS.:  AC, Nondiscrimination

IE, Organization of Facilities for Instruction

IGBA, Programs for Students with Disabilities

IGBI, English Learners

IGBL, Parent and Family Involvement in Education

JB, Equal Educational Opportunities