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The Board may approve alternative school programs for students who cannot benefit from the regular school program.

Alternative school programs:

1.  provide a setting in which individual guidance and challenge can be provided for each student;

2.  provide an instructional program that assists each student in overcoming academic deficiencies, truancy and behavioral problems;

3.  strive to improve each student’s self-concept so that he/she recognizes his/her ability to succeed and play a contributing role in society;

4.  provide an accepting environment in which respect and confidence are given to each student and

5.  develop a realistic instructional program that assists each student in acquiring the skills necessary to become a self-supporting citizen.

The alternative school program is staffed by personnel who are committed to the importance of the program and who recognize that education encompasses more than formal classroom instruction.  Staff members must also be able to design a cooperative staff/student individualized educational plan that includes long-range goals and measurable objectives for reaching these goals.

Selection of students to participate in the alternative school program is made according to criteria established by the program staff in accordance with State law and approved by the Superintendent.  Students in the alternative school program may return to their regular schools when they and the program staff agree that they are ready to do so. 

[Adoption date:  June 18, 2015]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC 3301.07

3313.53 through 3313.534

OAC 3301-35-04; 3301-35-06; 3301-35-09