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The school calendar for the following school year is prepared by the Superintendent and presented to the Board for approval.  The number of hours scheduled for students meets or exceeds the requirements of State law.

The calendar sets forth the days and hours schools are in session, holidays, vacation periods, in-service training days, teacher orientation days and days of reports to parents.

In preparing the calendar, the Superintendent may provide opportunities for members of the staff to offer suggestions before recommending a calendar to the Board for final consideration and adoption.

In accordance with State law, prior to making any changes to scheduled days or hours, the Board works with career-technical schools in which any of the District’s high school students are enrolled, and community schools and chartered nonpublic schools to which the District is required to transport students.

The number of hours in each school year that school is scheduled to be open for instruction will not be reduced from the number of hours per year school was open for instruction during the previous school year, unless the reduction is approved by a Board-adopted resolution.

At least 30 days before adoption, the Board holds a public hearing on the school calendar, addressing topics including the total number of hours in the school year, length of the school day, and beginning and end dates of instruction.

Activities listed on the official activities calendar are the only officially approved activities sanctioned by principals, the Superintendent and the Board.  Activities that are not on this calendar and are omitted through oversight, lack of advanced planning by staff, athletic leagues or other outside groups, or for some other acceptable reason, may be added.  Such requests must be approved by the Superintendent.

[Adoption date:  June 18, 2015]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC 3313.48; 3313.62; 3313.63

CROSS REF.:   EBCD, Emergency Closings

CONTRACT REF.:  Teachers’ Negotiated Agreement