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The schools should provide education that is pertinent to the practical aspects of life and prepares students to make the transition from the school setting to the world of work.  Therefore, the Board supports the inclusion of career-technical education in the basic curriculum.

Career-technical education is a program that enables each student to gain career awareness and to explore career opportunities in all fields so that he/she can make informed decisions about his/her future occupations.

The Board charges the administration with the responsibility for implementation of the career-technical education program in the schools.

Career-technical education is a concept that can be taught in the classroom at all grade levels. 

In grades seven through 12, it specifically incorporates career exploration, career guidance and career-technical education opportunities.  The latter are designed to equip students to enter postsecondary occupational education programs and/or specific occupations directly from high school.

Career-technical education is available as an integral part of the curriculum at the secondary level.  It is geared to technological and economic conditions and changes, and, as a core component of comprehensive education, shares with other aspects of the high school curriculum the purpose of development of character, attitudes and skills.  Guidance and counseling services are provided to each student throughout his/her program.

In an effort to meet the changing needs of the global, high-tech workforce, educational programs offered to secondary school students, adults, postgraduates and others desiring to obtain necessary workforce skills are established in accordance with State law and the Ohio Administrative Code.

The educational program is administered by the Superintendent/designee.

Fees may be charged to students, as established by the Board, to pay for materials they use in these courses and programs.

[Adoption date:  September 21, 2015]

[Re-adoption date:  May 21, 2018]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC  Chapter 3303

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OAC  Chapter  3301-35-04


CROSS REFS:  JN, Student Fees, Fines and Charges

LB, Relations with Other Schools and Educational Institutions