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The transportation policies of the Board are aimed at providing a safe, efficient and economical method of getting students to and from school.  It is the desire of the Board that the transportation schedule serves the best interests of all students and the District.

In addition to that required by law, the Board provides school bus transportation to all elementary and secondary school students to the extent determined by the administration and approved by the Board.  This may vary because of safety conditions that prevail in certain areas of the District.  All regulations governing student transportation are in accordance with the Ohio School Bus Operation Regulations issued by the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Ohio Department of Highway Safety and as required by State law.

The District will transport as many students as practical on school buses that meet all the state requirements for pupil transportation.  In some cases, students who are not accessible to school buses may be transported by other means as defined by State law.

The Board annually approves designated bus stops and time schedules as presented by the Superintendent/designee, and grants authority to the transportation supervisor/designee to adjust stops during the school year.

The transportation program is under the direction of the transportation supervisor who is responsible to the Superintendent.  The Board directs the Superintendent/designee to develop District-level policies and procedures for the safe and efficient operation of student transportation services.

Transportation to Community, STEM and Private Schools

The District will provide transportation for eligible students who attend community, STEM and private schools in compliance with State law when practical.

When transportation for any student is not practical by any means approved by State law, the Board may resolve to declare transportation impractical and offer the student payment in lieu of transportation.

[Adoption date:  June 13, 1994]

[Re-adoption date:  July 21, 2014]

LEGAL REFS.:  ORC 3327.01 through 3327.10

4511.76 through 4511.78

OAC 3301-83-

CROSS REFS.:  EEAA, Eligibility Zones for Pupil Transportation

EEAC, School Bus Safety Program