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In a sponsorship agreement, a company pays a premium or provides some economic benefit to the District in exchange for recognition. In an exclusive rights contract, a company pays a premium or provides economic benefit in exchange for the right to be the sole provider, at the most competitive prices, of goods purchased by the District.

Sales of goods and services to the District and contributions or donations made to the District that do not include additional, negotiated conditions are not covered by this policy and are governed by the purchasing and gifts and donations policies.

Each contract within the scope of this policy will be individually negotiated and subject to approval by the Board of Education. Revenue distribution, in excess of overhead costs, will be determined as part of the approval process.

Advertising will seek to model and promote positive values for the students of Adams County School District 14 through proactive educational messages and not just traditional advertising.  Preferred advertising includes messages that encourage student achievement and the establishment of high standards and personal conduct.

All sponsorship contracts will allow the District to terminate the contract at the District's discretion with appropriate remedy to the sponsor only if the remedy is negotiated prior to implementation of the contract, and should it be determined that it will have an adverse impact on implementation of curriculum or the educational experiences of students.

Review Committee

A public review committee, advisory to the Board of Education, will be established to review and recommend sponsorship/advertising contracts in excess of $1000 to the Board and Chief Operating Officer for approval.

The committee will provide recommendations to the Superintendent and the Board concerning sponsorship or exclusive rights purchasing proposals that are considered under this policy.  The committee will also review existing advertising, marketing, and corporate curriculum and report to the Superintendent and the Board.

The review committee shall be comprised of the following representatives:

1.   One parent DAAC member;

2.   One high school student council member;

3.   Two administrative representatives

4.   One classified representative

The review committee shall determine how revenues for district-wide advertising/sponsorships shall be distributed.  Revenues generated at the building level for building level programs shall remain with the individual schools and shall be distributed according to appropriate statutes such as Title IX.

Corporate support for district-wide programs shall be managed from a central administration office. A list identifying corporate sponsors and advertisers for district-wide programs shall be produced and distributed periodically. No individual or school contract for district-wide programs may be made with the corporate supporter/advertiser except through the central office designated to act as the communication link among advertisers, schools, and district offices.

Corporate support for an individual school or school's programs shall be reported to the designated central office and managed by the principal or designee.

Individual support for an individual school or school's program shall be reported to the designated central office and managed by the principal or designee.

Multiple year or competition-exclusive contracts or agreements shall be made only with the approval of the designated central office coordinating advertising and corporate sponsorship activities.

Appropriate media and venues for advertising might include:

1.   Banners/signs

2.   Athletic and other uniforms

3.   District-level publications

4.   Television and radio broadcasts

5.   Athletic facilities to include stadiums, high school baseball/softball fields, and high school gymnasiums.

6.   District-level projects

7.   Community education advertising

8.   District-level activities at state tournaments

9.   Exteriors of district buses

10. Individual school publications (when not in conflict with current contracts)

11. School Marquis Signs (when the advertising is part of the sign structure)

Adopted:  1/25/05

Revised:   11/24/09

ACSD 14, Colorado