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Code of Conduct for Adams City High School Athletes

The Board approves the following code of conduct for all Adams City High School athletes as recommended by the athletic director and coaching staff:

1.  Three unexcused absences from practice will constitute removal of the athlete from competition for the remainder of that sport season.  Any disciplinary suspension from school will constitute an equal number of unexcused absences from practice.

2.  Participants who are unexcused from any class or miss more than a half day due to illness on the day of a contest will not be able to participate in the scheduled event for that day.  This rule also applies to scorers and managers.

3.  Tobacco has no place in any athletic program.  Any athlete found in possession of our under the influence of tobacco must meet with the head coach and athletic director, accompanied by his parent or guardian.  The athlete will receive the following disciplinary action:

a.  First offense will be a five-day suspension from athletic participation including the minimum of one competitive event.

b.  Second offense will result in suspension from the athletic program for the rest of the sport season.

4.  Any student found in possession of or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or found guilty of theft will be given an out-of-school suspension.  Alcohol, drugs, or theft have no place in any athletic program.  Any athlete found in the possession of or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or guilty of theft must meet with the head coach, the high school athletic director, and the school principal.  The athlete must be accompanied by his parent or guardian and will receive the following disciplinary action:

a.   First offense will be a 20-day suspension from athletic participation; or, the student may be entered into a chemical rehabilitation program, which may alter the suspension duration.

b.  Second offense may result in suspension from athletic participation for a period of one calendar year from the date of the offense.  If a student admits himself into a drug rehabilitation center, the duration of the suspension may be amended.

5.  Students participating in interscholastic activities must pass 2.5 Carnegie units per semester.  (Semesters are defined as terms 1 & 2 and terms 3 & 4).  All participants must be enrolled in a minimum of three courses, which equals a minimum of 1.5 Carnegie units per term.  Participants cannot fail more than one class per semester or be enrolled in four courses, which equal 2.0 Carnegie units per term.  Participants cannot fail more than one class per term.

6.  All participants, including managers and trainers, must have had a current physical examination within the last calendar year.  In addition, eligibility will be monitored weekly.  Participants failing more than one class will be ineligible until the above requirements are met.

7.  Parent permission slips for participation must be signed and on file in the activities office.

8.  Any athlete who suffers an injury that requires treatment by a doctor must have a written release from that doctor before he can resume participation.

9.  Athletes are responsible for all district properly (uniforms, equipment, etc.) issued for their use.  Athletes who fail to return all or any part of the issued property will be charged for the missing items.  This may also prevent the athlete from being allowed to participate in any other athletic program until the matter is resolved.

If at any time an athlete feels he has been treated unjustly, the athlete or his parent or guardian are encouraged to contact, first, the coach; second, the athletic director; and third, the principal.  Parents or guardians are encouraged to guide athletes in using proper channels to ensure prompt and equitable consideration of a complaint.  Immediately after an athletic contest is not a good time.

Freshman Eligibility

Present trends indicate that the first year of high school is the most difficult adjustment time for students.  Freshman participating in athletics must meet the following requirements:

1.  For Items 1 and 3, the student will be required to be enroll in a minimum of 4 classes equaling 2.0 Carnegie units and passing a minimum of 2 classes equaling 1.0 Carnegie units.  During Terms 2 and 4, students must be enrolled in a minimum of 4 classes equaling 2.0 Carnegie units and passing 3 classes equaling 1.5 Carnegie units.

2.  At the completion of Terms 2 and 4, the student must be passing a minimum of 2.5 Carnegie units for the semester.  The 2.0 requirement for the end of each semester will be waived.  Eligibility will be monitored weekly.

Standards for Eligibility

Scholastic eligibility, as set by the Colorado High School Activities Association and by Adams City High School, requires that any student who participants in athletics must be enrolled in and passing minimum of 2.5 Carnegie units during the current semester.  In addition, the student must be eligible according to these standards during the semester prior to participation.  Athletes who do not meet these requirements will not be allowed to participate the next term or until the requirement are met.  A participant must also maintain a 2.0 grade point average each semester.  Each class equals .50 Carnegie units, unless the student is assigned as a student assistant.  Credit then equals .25 Carnegie units.

In addition to the rules of scholastic eligibility, athletes are expected to conduct themselves according to all rules and regulations of the school.  If an event is scheduled for a non-school day, the athlete must have been in accordance with the rules the preceding day.

All participants must observe training rules as wet by the Adams City High School Athletic Code and the coach.  All rules and regulations are considered to be in effect throughout the year.  Most important are the rules of behavior and citizenship, which all students are expected to follow.  Any participants, who in the judgment of the coach or principal, are found to be conducting themselves in a manner not representative of the best interest of Adams City High School will be suspended or dropped from the athletic program.

Other Regulations

All other athletic regulations shall be developed as necessary and timely and will be placed in the athletic handbook maintained by the athletic director and high school principal.  These handbooks shall be made available to athletes, parents, teachers and the community upon request.

This form will be kept on file with the student's records.  Any athlete who does not comply with or have a copy of the Code of Conduct signed and on file will not be allowed to participate.

I have read the Code of Conduct and will abide by the rules set forth:


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I have read the Code of Conduct and will support the enforcement of it:


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Revised:  2/25/97       

ACSD 14, Colorado