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Student Board of Education

Students are in a unique position to make positive contributions to the improvement of the educational program and to the operation of a more effective school system.  The Board desires to provide students with the opportunity to participate in the policy-making process and, at the same time, to experience the responsibilities of leadership.

It is recognized that such opportunities for participation are subject to provisions of state and federal law.  It is the Board's belief that students, in keeping with their level of maturity, should be encouraged to participate in the development of policies, regulations and procedures that affect the student body.  Their participation in the policy-making process will be a valuable learning experience.

To provide students a forum in which they have an opportunity to participate in the district's decision-making process the Board has created a Student Board of Education.  A staff member or members will be assigned to the Student Board to help it develop an appropriate Constitution and carry out its functions.  The Student Board is encouraged to offer suggestions and advice to the Board in order to assist it in the decision-making process.  The final responsibility for all decisions, however, rests with the Board alone.

The agenda for each meeting of the Board shall be provided to the Student Board for its review and comment.  The Student Board shall designate one of its members to attend Board meetings.  The Student Board of Education member designated to attend board meetings shall not be a relative of a seated board member.  The student representative shall be allowed to participate in the discussions of the Board during public meetings.  The student representative shall not participate in executive sessions of the Board nor shall the student representative have the right to vote on matters before the Board.

Adopted: 8/28/07

ACSD 14, Colorado