File:  JHCA-R


Adams City High School

The Adams City High School campus is "open" only during lunch.  Students may leave the campus during their assigned lunch.  Students may not leave campus between classes.  Students who are tardy to, or absent from, classes as a result of leaving campus will not be excused and may be disciplined.

Students who are repeatedly truant or tardy may be recommended for suspension or expulsion.

Students are not allowed to leave the campus during regular class time without the permission of the attendance office.  Permission may be verified by telephone to one of the parents/guardians.  Students who leave without having made the proper arrangements with the school will be considered truant.

Students are not to ride around in cars or sit in their cars during the school day.  All students are asked to accept the rules and responsibilities that go along with open campus privileges to ensure the continuance of these privileges for future classes.

Revised:  8/25/92

ACSD 14, Colorado