Admission of Nonresident Students/Tuition Charges

The parents or guardians of Colorado students who are not residents of this school district shall not be charged tuition and shall be admitted in accordance with the policy on inter-district choice/open enrollment.

The district may enter into a written agreement with any student's district of residence under which the District of residence agrees to pay tuition to allow the student to attend school within the district.

When a nonresident student with a disability enrolls and attends school in this district, the student's district of residence shall be responsible for paying the tuition charge for educating the student in accordance with state laws and regulations.  The amount of the tuition shall be determined pursuant to a contract entered into between the two districts.

Out-of-state students who wish to attend school in this district shall be charged tuition in accordance with the rates adopted by the Board on an annual basis.

The superintendent shall present to the Board for its consideration any request from parents or legal guardians for exceptions to this policy.

LEGAL REFS.:  C.R.S. 15-14-104 (delegation of custodial power)

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CROSS REF.:    JFABD, Admission of Homeless Students

JFBB, Inter-District Choice/Open Enrollment

Adopted 2/23/99

ACSD 14, Colorado