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Documentary Evidence of Date of Birth

Personnel enrolling students for the first school experience in the district shall request the parent or guardian to furnish a birth certificate or other evidence of the date of birth of the child.  Parents or guardians shall be requested to present evidence of the students within two weeks from the time of enrollment.  Enrollment shall be conditional and in accordance with the notice requirements of Board of Education Policy JF.

If the evidence of birth date is not furnished the school within two weeks following the date of enrollment, the principal shall send a certified letter stating that the parent or guardian shall be given two additional weeks from the date of the parent's/guardian's receipt of the letter in which to present documentary evidence of the child's date of birth to the school principal.

Any parent or guardian, who subsequently fails to present documented evidence of the student's birth date within the timeframe specified above shall be reported to the Superintendent or his/her designated representative for further action and possible exclusion of the child until proper evidence of the student's birth date has been presented and recorded.  Parents/guardians shall be notified in writing of proposed exclusion/denial of admission, and further advised in writing of the due process rights, including the right to request a hearing, contained in Board of Education Policy JF.

All communications to parents/guardians pursuant to this Regulation shall be in the parent's/guardian's preferred language.

Revised:  8/25/92, 8/23/16

CROSS REF.:  Policy JF (Admission and Denial of Admission)

Policy JEB (Entrance Age Requirements)