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Student Involvement In Civic Activities

One of the primary purposes of K-12 education is to prepare students for participation in the democratic process and to meaningfully engage in civic life.  Therefore, students are encouraged to keep informed of the issues that affect their daily lives, to learn how government can affect those issues, how citizen participation can affect governmental decision-making, and, responsibly engage in activities that affect governmental decision-making.

The District's teachers, administrators, and Board members can serve as valuable resources for students learning how to participate in the democratic process.  The hallmark of self-government is the ability of citizens to make free and informed choices regarding particular issues without pressure or duress from the government itself as to what choice each citizen should make.  Therefore, the role of teachers, administrators, and Board members is limited to providing instruction in how students can appropriately intervene in self-government, and providing general encouragement to become active and informed citizens.  Teachers, administrators, and Board members should not use the authority of their office to pressure or coerce a student to actively support a particular issue, candidate, or position.

Adopted: 6/22/10

ACSD 14, Colorado