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Tobacco-Free Schools

Adams 14 School District is committed to high standards of personal and public health and safety. We also recognize that adults are role models for healthy behaviors and choices. In recognition of the School District's responsibility to prepare students to make sound decisions about personal health and safety issues, and to promote the general health, welfare and well-being of students and staff, smoking, chewing or any other use of any tobacco product by staff, students and members of the public is prohibited on all school property. Possession of tobacco products by students is also prohibited on school property.

This policy will be published in all employee and student handbooks, posted on bulletin boards, and announced during school-sponsored activities and staff meetings. This policy shall have full force and effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Third-party contractors shall sign a written "No tobacco use agreement" while on school property; transporting students, teachers, or staff; or during any school-sponsored activity or event.

For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

1.  "School property" means all property owned, leased, rented, or otherwise used or contracted for by a school including but not limited to the following:

a.  All indoor facilities and interior portions of any building or other structure used for children under the age of 18 for instruction, educational or library services, routine health care, daycare or early childhood development services, as well as for administration, support services, maintenance or storage. The term does not apply to buildings used primarily as residences

b.  All school grounds over which the school exercises control including areas surrounding any building, playgrounds, athletic fields, recreation areas and parking areas.

c.  All vehicles used by the district for transporting students, staff, visitors or other persons.

d.  At a school-sponsored activity or event.

2.  "Tobacco product" means:

a.  Any product that contains nicotine or tobacco or is derived from tobacco and is intended to be ingested or inhaled by or applied to the skin of an individual, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, dissolvables, snuff and chewing tobacco; and

b.  Any electronic device that can be used to deliver nicotine or other substance to the person inhaling from the device, including but not limited to an electronic cigarette, hookah, cigar, cigarillo or pipe.

c.  "Tobacco product" does not include any product that has been approved by the appropriate federal agency as a tobacco use cessation product.

3.  "Use" means lighting, chewing, smoking, ingesting or application of any tobacco product.

Signs will be-posted in prominent places on all school property to notify the public that smoking or other use of tobacco products is prohibited in accordance with state law and district policy.

Staff, students and members of the public shall not wear clothing depicting the act of smoking or containing advertisements for tobacco or tobacco products on school property or at school-related events or possess tobacco-related promotional items bearing the name or logo of tobacco companies.

Students shall not possess incendiary devices such as lighters or matches. Distribution of tobacco products is prohibited on school grounds at all times. Any tobacco promotion-related signs, advertisements, sponsorship, or logos shall be prohibited from being displayed on school property.

The Board of Education, teachers, and staff shall not accept gifts, donations, or grants from tobacco companies regardless of the intended purpose of the monies involved. The Board of Education may seek and accept gifts, donations, or grants of any kind from any non-tobacco-related private or charitable sources or any government agency to meet the expenses required by this policy.  Such funds shall be accounted for separately, and, to the extent that such funds are available, shall maintain and operate an educational program at each school to assist students, faculty, and staff to avoid or discontinue the use of tobacco.

Schools shall provide age-appropriate tobacco prevention education as part of an approved curriculum in health or other appropriate classes at designated grade levels. Teachers and staff shall receive tobacco and tobacco product education training to recognize new and emerging tobacco products and overall health hazards of tobacco products.

Disciplinary measures for students who violate this policy may include in-house detention, revocation of privileges, and exclusion from extracurricular activities.  Every effort should be made to include educational alternatives to suspension and progressive discipline measures. Adams 14 School District will not utilize out-of-school suspension for violations of this policy. In accordance with state law, no student shall be expelled solely for tobacco use.

Parents of students shall be notified either electronically or by telephone within 24 hours of a reported violation. Educational materials regarding the Tobacco Free Schools Law, the District tobacco free schools policy and the health hazards of tobacco shall be included with the parental notification. Furthermore, schools shall make available cessation and educational resources to students, staff, faculty, and family members. Lists of cessation programs are available in the health clerk office at each school, on the district website, and at the central registration office.

Any member of the general public considered by the superintendent or designee to be in violation of this policy will be instructed to leave school district property or school-sponsored activity. The school-based administration shall be responsible for enforcement of this policy. Reports of suspected violations can be submitted to the school principal. Employees found to be in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

The Office of the General Counsel shall review this policy periodically and update this policy according to current federal, state, and local laws.

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CROSS REFS.:  IHAMA, Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

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Revised: 3/14/00, 9/27/05, 6/23/09, 3/10/15, 3/22/16