File:  EBCE


The Superintendent is empowered to close the schools or dismiss them early in the event of hazardous weather or other emergencies which threaten the safety, health, or welfare of students or staff members.  It is understood that such action will only be taken after consultation with appropriate authorities.  The Board shall be notified at the time of the closing.  The closing shall be ratified by the Board of Education at its next regular meeting.

Parents, students, staff members shall be informed early in each school year as to how they shall be notified in event of emergency closings or early dismissals.

All staff members, unless otherwise notified, shall be required to report to work as soon as possible on emergency days and to work the full day unless excused specifically by the Superintendent.

LEGAL REFS.:  C.R.S. 22-1-112

C.R.S. 22-32-109

C.R.S. 22-32-101

1.CCR 301-39 Rules 2254-R-2.06



Revised: 8/25/92, 12/12/06

ACSD 14, Colorado